《經綸報》 - 第4期

Campus Science & Technology and Culture Festival-The English Talent Show

On the afternoon of December 11, 2018, the "Campus Science and Technology Culture Festival-The English Talent Contest Pointing to Core Literacy" came to an end in the auditorium of our school. Principal Assistant Chen Jianghua, Director Tian Chao, Director Nan Jinyong and foreign teachers Maria, Chris, Martha, Crystal, etc. attended the competition and served as judges.

In order to implement the idea of "all-person education" of Chenjinglun Group, we effectively strengthen the construction of school curriculum groups. The English group and the Teaching Department, the Development Department, the Youth League Committee, the Department of Physical Arts, Senior One & Two and the Student Union jointly organized the "Campus Science and Technology Culture Festival-the English Talent Competition Pointing to Core Literacy ".

The scripts have a wide range of contents, involving fairy tales that cross time and space, close-up of real life, Chinese classic literary interpretations, and character drama stories. Chorus and solo also showed their style. The Rap of Class 9, Senior 2 was so catchy that it won applause from the audience. Individual dubbing and collective dubbing are exactly the same as the original sound. This fully reflects the actor's basic English skills and careful preparation and rehearsal.

After screening, five special prizes, nine first prizes, and nine second prizes were selected. Finally, Chen Jianghua, Principal Assistant, Director Tian Chao, Director Nan Jinyong and foreign teachers Maria, Chris, Martha and Crystal presented the awards for the special prizes, first prizes and second prizes respectively.

Participant performer Zhao Shuaiyu said: "This is the firsttime I have participated in the English talent show. Although we spent a lot of time writing plays, and rehearsing, I feel a sense of accomplishment in showing you a great show. Thank the school for providing us with such a good platform to demonstrate our English ability. I love the English talent contest. "

The audience from the scene also expressed his own voice: "To be honest, I think each program is wonderful and has its own unique style. My favorite program is "Smile at the Mirror" from Class 3, Senior 2.It is about a student who has just arrived at our school. At the beginning, he did not behave well. Finally, with the help of teachers and classmates, he became someone who was who praised by his parents and popular among the students. This shows the charm of Chen Jinglun's middle school education. At the same time, he taught us that life is a mirror. You smile at it and it smiles at you. I think that's why the show won the special prize. In addition, I am also determined to study English well and strive for the next opportunity to get on the stage and show my English talents for everyone. "

This competition is a report performance of the "English Listening and Hearing" course for the construction of the school curriculum. It has set up a display platform for versatile students to improve their English subject literacy and lay the foundation for students’ lifelong learning and sustainable development.

      2018 年 12 月 11 日下午,在我校大禮堂“校園科技文化節——指向核心素養的英語才藝大賽”落下帷幕。陳江華校長助理、田超主任、南金勇主任和外籍教師 Maria、Chris、Martha、Crystal 等出席大賽并擔任評委工作。

      為了落實陳經綸集團“全人教育”的辦學思想,切實加強學校課程群建設,英語組和教學處、發展處、團委、科體藝部、高一高二年級和學生會聯合舉辦“校園科技文化節——指向核心素養的英語才藝大賽”。英語才藝大賽節目豐富多彩,包括英語劇表演、說唱、詩朗誦和英語歌曲等。劇本內容廣泛,涉及穿越時空的童話故事、現實版生活特寫、中國經典文學演繹、人物戲劇故事等均受到觀眾的熱烈歡迎。合唱及獨唱也盡顯風采,高二 9 版的 Rap 朗朗上口,博得了觀眾的陣陣掌聲。單獨配音和集體配音與原版聲音如出一轍。這充分體現了演員的英語基本功與精心的準備和排練。經過篩選,評選出特等獎 5 名、一等獎 9 名、二等獎 9 名。最后,陳江華校長助理、田超主任、南金勇主任和外籍教師 Maria、Chris、Martha、Crystal 分別為特等獎、一等獎和二等獎頒發了獎狀。


      來自現場的觀眾也表達了自己的心聲:“說實話,我認為每一個節目都很精彩,都有自己獨特的風格。我最喜歡的節目是高二3班的 《Smile at the Mirror (笑對生活) 》 。講述的是一個剛到我們學校的學生,開始時行為不好,最后在老師和同學們的幫助下成為家長贊揚、同學們喜歡的人。這彰顯了陳經綸中學教育的魅力,同時教育我們:生活就是一面鏡子,你對著它微笑,它也對你微笑。 我認為這就是該劇獲得特等獎的原因吧。另外,我也些決心好好學習英語,爭取下次有機會走上舞臺,能為大家展示自己的英語才藝?!?

      本次大賽是學校課程群建設 “英語聽說”課程的一次匯報演出。為多才多藝的學生搭建了展示的平臺,以此提升學生的英語學科素養,為學生的終身學習和可持續發展奠定基礎。